Tips On Childproofing Your Kitchen

Children change the very foundation of our homes. From the minute their arrival is known to us, we subconsciously begin to make our homes suit their needs and wants. From carpeting the floors to decorating their room, we take every possible step to ensure that they’ll be comfortable, safe and sound in our home. And we often do this even before they learn to walk!

The kitchen is a particularly dangerous place for the children, and most new parents find this the trickiest to childproof. The mere thought of all the potential trouble and danger readily available here is enough to give them nightmares! If you feel the same, then we have your back. Here are our tips on how to affectively childproof your kitchen.

• Rearrange your furniture and appliances so that the stove and oven is not easily accessible to them. Even if they cannot reach the burners when they pull themselves up, the knobs can be fascinating to them. You can also install burner knob covers for further precaution.

• Use a child gate to keep your little one out of the Dubai kitchen if you feel you can’t keep an eye on them while you cook. Having them unnoticed underfoot can be very dangerous. If possible, set up a play pen for them somewhere close by, so that you’ll know where they are at all times.

• Install reliable locks on your kitchen cabinets. Try not to go for the latches, as most kids now-a-days are pretty smart, and figure out how to unlatch pretty early. There’s also the fact that latches may catch your little one’s fingers as they attempt to master opening it. Opt instead for magnetic locks.

• Be aware of where you place your kitchen domestic appliances Dubai. Blenders and food processors can be very dangerous if left unsupervised. Always remember to unplug them once you’re done using them, and hide the wires so that your little one can’t tug on them, tipping it over on themselves.

• If you have low shelves that are easily accessible to your child, then they need to be cleared. Anything that is sharp or breakable needs to moved out of reach. Not only knives, but peelers and even graters can be harmful to children.

• In the same way, move anything choke able or toxic away from their reach too. Most people store detergents and soaps under the sink. If you do the same, make sure your little one can’t get in there. Even things like cling film can do more harm than you expect.

• Install corner guards on sharp marble counters and kitchen tables. This will help to protect your child from a lot of potential bumps and bruises.

NOTE: it’s important that you leave a few “interesting” and safe things out where they can find. This keeps them occupied and away from the harmful things.

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